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About Me

Jessica Sears

As you probably gathered my name is Jessica Sears and I make websites for a living as a web developer. If you read on you'll find out I attended and graduated Full Sail University in 2013 and have a Bachelors of Science in Web Design and Development. You will also find that I am proficient in many languages including HTML/CSS, jQuery.

What you will not find out though, is that making websites as a web developer is not only my livelihood, but it is a passion of mine. I don't just play with code for a job, I also do it in my free time! I love learning new things and creating cool little tricks.

If you would like to know more, feel free to contact me!

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Full Sail University Bachelors of Science Degree

In the Web Design and Development Program - 2013

While attending Full Sail University I've learned many skills. In the degree program we focused on all aspects of building websites. This includes starting a website from the very beginning with wireframes, then moving on to design compositions, and then building the site from the ground up with html/css jQuery and PHP/MYSQL.


Web Designer/Developer

HTML4/HTML5 CSS2/CSS3 JavaScript Backbone.jsKnockout.js Knockback.jsjQuery jQuery Mobile MooTools Twitter Bootstrap Illustrator Photoshop ActionScript3 PHP Coldfusion MYSQL Database Mongo Database Flex Facebook api XML/RSS Feeds CodeIgniter Framework Laravel Framework

Work Experience

Next Horizon / AAA National

Front End Software Engineer - 2017-Present

At Next Horizon our team was contracted to work at AAA national office on internal applications to distribute to clubs nationwide. While working at AAA National I used HTML/CSS and Javascript/jQuery to rebuild and design their application CTS (comment tracking system). CTS is used in AAA’s call centers to track customers complaints and incidents to help them resolve the customers issues. For this project I used photoshop to design the interface the employee will interact with, used Ajax calls to get and push data to the sql database and built the responsive JavaScript to make the application seamless with live updates for the user.

After completing the CTS project our team was moved over to support the entire connect suite application where CTS resides. This includes their POS (point of service), M (member management), and SAM (Sales Application Management). When working in these applications I fixed html/css issues, Ajax issues, and many JavaScript issues that the customers (AAA clubs) report.

Visit Orlando - visitorlando.com

Web Application Developer - 2016-2017

At Visit Orlando I worked to maintain their systems and current websites. Each project is vastly different. I used coldfusion to fix issues in some applications, Python in others and Angular 1 in a few of the newer apps. While working in these applications my duties were to fix bugs that were reported, create new enhancements and provide technical support to the staff using the applications.

You can view these sites at visitorlando.com, orlandomeeting.com, orlandomeetinginfo.com, trade.visitorlando.com, media.visitorlando.com, https://visitorlando.force.com/members/s/

Quadramed - Enterprise Self-Service and Kiosk System

Software Engineer - 2014-2016

While at Quadramed I worked on their staff facing Enterprise Self Service (ESS) 6.0-6.4 system and their patient facing kiosking system. For these systems I have been mainly worked in the front end languages, HTML/CSS and Javascript. For both systems we used a Backbone javaScript structure that used knockout and knockback to take advantage of data-binding aspects that allows you to easily pass data from the backend (utilizing breeze) to be viewable on the front end.

This system is currently in Florida Hospital, CVS Minute Clinic, Cooks Children's Hospital, New York Presbyterian Hospital, Platte Valley Hospital and a few more.

Xulon Press

Front End Web Developer - 2013-2014

Xulon Press built a new internal system for their workers to use and I was honored to be a part of this project. This project is a web based application and is using HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, AngularJS, and is being built with the Laravel Framework.

Xulon Press - Author Center

Front End Web Developer - 2013-2014

To go along with Xulon Press' internal system they were also redoing their authors' center so their authors have a more pleasant experience. This project is also a web based application and is using HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, and is being built with the Laravel Framework.

Xulon Press - Free Christian Publishing

Front End Web Developer - 2013-2014

Xulon Press launched a new and exciting way to publish books yourself and for Free! On this project we worked with a Bootstrap theme and used some jQuery elements to enhance it along with PHP and MYSQL to run the backend.


Web Designer and Developer - 2013-Current

I built this site as to allow people to write, read, and review short stories. This site will have many new features rolling out including a new take on editing stories. If you would like access to this site please contact me for the username and password.

Code Examples

Rotating List - Example

Scroll To Top - Example

Date Formatting - Example

Changing Backgrounds - Example

Removing spaces and/or Characters - Example

Affixing html table header to top for scrolling (no bootstrap) - Example

Screen Shots

Contact Me

Sorry, this form has been disabled for 48 hours to cut down on some spam. If you need to reach me please use the contact card above.